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MiNTOPiA Disposable Vapes, Convenient For South Miami Life

MiNTOPiA is a leading brand of disposable vape pens that can be purchased right here at Ark Smoke Shop South Miami. MiNTOPiA disposable vapes offer a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience thanks to a sleek design and user-friendly features.

Truly a satisfying vape, MiNTOPiA stands out with their flavor, they have one of the most authentic mint tastes we’ve ever had! As an authorized distributor Ark Smoke Shop guarantees the authenticity and quality of MiNTOPiA brand products. Customers can rely on us to purchase genuine MiNTOPiA disposable vape pens.

We carry two MiNTOPiA faves. The MiNTOPiA 6000 Puff Disposable Vape is great for vapers who want an easy and enjoyable vaping experience. It has a long-lasting battery, tasty flavors, and a convenient design. You can enjoy your favorite flavors for weeks on end.

And the MiNTOPiA Turbo 9000 Disposable Vape, the epitome of vaping excellence. With modern technology that’s ahead of the curve and a user experience second to none, the Turbo 9000 sets a new standard for disposable vapes. 

MiNTOPiA vapes deliver 5% nicotine strength, perfect for experienced and new vapers seeking a strong yet smooth experience. And there’s a twist to the MiNTOPiA 6000’s nicotine delivery: it comes from tobacco-free nicotine. This means that the nicotine in MiNTOPiA vapes has been synthesized in a lab, providing the same satisfying hit without any of the tobacco impurities.

If you want a long-lasting, delicious, and easy-to-use disposable vape, Mintopia disposables are a great choice!


The MiNTOPiA 6000, is the epitome of the modern-day vaping lifestyle perfect for south Miami life. It is designed to offer maximum convenience and delivers a premium experience engineered for consistency, reliability, and overall satisfaction. Cutting-edge technology with a sleek, user-friendly design results in a disposable vape that exceeds expectations.

Key features of the MiNTOPiA 6000 Puff Disposable Vape:

•Long-lasting: Up to 6000 puffs

•Satisfying flavors: A variety of delicious flavors to choose from

•Convenient design: Disposable, non-refillable, and rechargeable

•Affordable: A great value for the price

•Eliquid & Battery Indicator

•Disposable, non-refillable, and rechargeable

The MiNTOPiA 6000 boasts a substantial 10mL pre-filled E-Liquid capacity, an impressive feat for a disposable vape. Each device comes pre-loaded with 10ml of a proprietary, meticulously crafted e-liquid that offers an incredibly smooth and flavorful vaping experience. Thanks to its generous size, the MiNTOPiA 6000 promises around 6000 puffs, an impressive number that means your vape is ready to provide for days, if not weeks, of satisfaction, depending on your usage.

At the heart of the MiNTOPiA 6000 is a 500mAh Type-C rechargeable battery. This long-lasting powerhouse ensures your vape stays charged for an extended period for uninterrupted satisfaction. This large battery capacity, coupled with the generous e-liquid volume, ensures a long lifespan for your disposable vape. The forward-thinking e-liquid display screen allows you to monitor battery life and remaining e-liquid at a glance, taking the guesswork out of when it’s time to recharge or replace the device. 

A standout feature of the MiNTOPiA 6000 is its use of a high-quality Mesh Coil. This type of coil is known for its enhanced flavor delivery and cloud production. The mesh design heats e-liquid evenly and efficiently with a larger surface area compared to traditional coils. This means richer flavors, denser clouds, and an all-around superior vaping experience.

MiNTOPiA 6000 Puff Flavors:

Peach Mint: Juicy peach with a refreshing minty twist in Peach Mint.

•Strawberry Mint: Sweet strawberries with a cool and invigorating minty touch in Strawberry Mint.

Blueberry Mint: Ripe blueberries blended with a refreshing hint of mint in Blueberry Mint.

Grape Mint: Tangy grapes with a cool and refreshing minty kick in Grape Mint.

Peppermint: Classic peppermint flavor that delivers a cool and refreshing sensation in Peppermint.

Minty O’s: A burst of pure minty freshness with Minty O’s. Our fave!

MiNTOPiA Turbo 9000 Disposable Vape

The bigger brother, the MiNTOPiA Turbo 9000 is the epitome of vaping excellence. With modern technology that’s ahead of the curve and a user experience second to none, the Turbo 9000 nicotine vapor sets a new standard for disposable vapes.

1. Vast E-Liquid Capacity with 12mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid:

Never before has a disposable vape come equipped with such a generous e-liquid reservoir. The MiNTOPiA Turbo 9000 nicotine vape boasts a massive 12mL of pre-filled, high-quality e-liquid. This not only guarantees a prolonged vaping experience but also ensures you enjoy consistent flavor from the first puff to the last.

2. Leading-Edge 600mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery:

Wave goodbye to the constant need for recharges. This impressive 600mAh battery promises longer vaping sessions and fewer interruptions. The inclusion of a Type-C charging port further solidifies this vape’s modernity, ensuring rapid and convenient recharging.

3. A Groundbreaking 9000 Puffs:

The MiNTOPiA Turbo 9000’s lifespan is truly remarkable. A single device promises approximately 9000 puffs, setting it leagues apart from its competitors. This ensures that you get more value for your money and a prolonged, quality vaping experience.

4. Advanced Mesh Coil Design:

Experience flavor like never before thanks to the Turbo 9000’s mesh coil design. This technology ensures effective heating and consistent absorption of e-liquid. The result? Richer flavor profiles, consistent vapor production, and an unparalleled smoothness.

5. Turbo Hit for an Enhanced Experience:

The ‘TURBO HIT’ feature is a game-changer. It guarantees that each puff is more powerful and flavor-packed than the average disposable vape. With every draw of the the MiNTOPiA Turbo 9000 experience a flavorful hit that truly satisfies.

6. Scrolling Light – A Symphony of Colors:

Set the mood with the Turbo 9000’s mesmerizing scrolling light feature. Whether you’re vaping during the day or at night, this feature enhances the aesthetic appeal, making your vaping sessions truly vibrant.

7. Digital Battery & E-Liquid Display Screen – Stay Informed:

Like the MiNTOPiA 6000, no more guessing how much battery or e-liquid remains. With the digital display screen, you’re kept informed on levels allowing for timely recharges and refills.

The MiNTOPiA Turbo 9000 Disposable Vape isn’t just another vaping device – it’s an experience. Every feature, from its capacious e-liquid reservoir to its scrolling light aesthetic, has been meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled vaping satisfaction. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, the Turbo 9000 promises an experience that’s both luxurious and memorable.

MiNTOPiA Turbo 9000  Flavors:

Cactus Jack Minty O’s: A flavor as unique as its name. Immerse yourself in the fresh, slightly tangy taste of the cactus, masterfully blended with the cool undertones of mint.

Pink Lemonade Minty O’s: Relive summer days with the delightful blend of tart lemons and sweet red berries, softened with a refreshing minty finish. Tangy & sweet.

Pineapple Minty O’s:The zesty sweet notes of ripe pineapples fuse seamlessly with the cool freshness of mint, creating an exhilarating taste reminiscent of a beach vacation.

Lime Minty O’s: Zesty, tangy, and incredibly vibrant – the Lime Minty O’s is a treat for citrus lovers.

Minty O’s: This flavor offers the crisp, icy sensation of fresh mint leaves. Perfect for those who love simplicity and a burst of freshness, Minty O’s stands as a classic favorite.

Watermelon Minty O’s: Juicy watermelons with a minty twist.

Cherry Lemon Minty O’s: The boldness of cherries pairs wonderfully with the zesty undertones of lemon, all wrapped up with a minty freshness.

Root Beer Minty O’s: A nostalgic trip down memory lane. Relish the classic, spicy-sweet taste of root beer, softened by a hint of mint.

Come Visit us at Ark Smoke Shop to learn more about MiNTOPiA Vapes and find the high-quality nicotine products you need. Shop online here -> or in-store at Ark Smoke Shop, 6108 S Dixie Hwy, South Miami, FL 33143 today. If you have any reviews for your MiNTOPiA experience we would love to hear


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